Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Restructuring is of two types: financial restructuring and basic restructuring.
(1) Financial restructuring implies the writing off of accumulated losses and rationalization of capital composition in respect of debt-equity ratio. The main purpose of this restructuring is to improve the financial health of the enterprise.
(2) Basic restructuring is said to occur when the public enterprise decides to shed some of its activities to be taken up by ancillaries or small-scale units.
Operational measures:
The efficiency of public sector enterprises depends upon the organisational structure. Unless this structure grants a sufficient degree of autonomy to the operators of the enterprise or develop a system of incentives, it cannot raise its efficiency and productivity. These measures include: (a) grant of autonomy to public enterprises in decision making, (b) provision of incentives for workers and executives consistent with increase in efficiency and productivity, (c) freedom to acquire certain inputs from the markets with a view to reducing costs, (d) development of proper criteria for the investment planning, and (e) permission to public enterprise to raise resources from the capital market to execute plan of diversification/expansion. The basic purpose of operational measures is to infuse the spirit of private enterprise.

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